About Us

Customer Care & Service
Laundry Services Company, Inc. was founded on sound principles to provide not only the best service possible, but to be known for going beyond the call of duty. Since our formation in 2000, as testament to our quality service, we have grown substantially through customer referrals. Additionally, we try to be flexible in our service offerings by providing service options for every coin laundry owner.




Providing Solutions
In addition to providing exceptional service to our clients, Laundry Services Company will consult as to the layout of their facilities too. We try to provide more than expected and provide real laundry solutions based on the demographics and uniqueness of an area rather than a “one size fits all” approach. We try to look at each facility as a small community in itself and find sensible solutions to not only enhance the profitability of a coin-laundry operation, but to further enhance the lives of the end users as well. Incorporating layout technique and equipment such as cashless vending systems, smaller frontload washing machines compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) reach range requirements and installing expanded capacity-family-sized washing machines to individualize and maximize the effectiveness of any laundry facility is our trademark.